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6-Slot Alpha Series Full Body Goose Decoy Bag (XPT-Dec-9001)

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6-Slot Alpha Series Full Body Goose Decoy Bag (XPT-Dec-9001)The best way to store multiple goose decoys is with the Higdon 6-Slot Alpha Series Full Body Goose Decoy Bag. This Green bag measures 31 x 21 x 20 inches with an individual slot size of 10 x 11 x 16. There is a cover for the top of the bag to secure items in the bag. The Alpha bag holds 6 Alpha Goose Decoys and metal bases. The bases have their own storage design. Handle for carrying by hand. Easily holds 18 Alpha Wobblers and 18 Wobbler stakes.Features:
  • Fits 6 Full Body Goose Decoys
  • Brown colored bag
  • Measures 31 x 21 x 20 inches
  • Slots measure 10 x 11 x 16 inches
  • Top cover to secure items
  • Carry handle
  • Color availability in Green, Brown, Or any Plain or Camo.
  • Custom canbe put on Customer demands.

Canvas Hunting Bag with Chair (XPT-334471)

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Hunting Canvas Bag with Stool/Chair

Canvas Shotgun Case/Bag (XPT-5034)

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Canvas Shotgun Case/Bag (XPT-5034)

Beautiful Gun Case made of Strong Canvas Material with Leather Trimming.

Inside Waterproof cloth which give Double protection of you Gun.

All most all Colors are available Like Green, Black, Khaki, White....and customer demands.

Custom Logo Faciity available by Leather Embossing or Direct Embroidery.

Cartridge Bag (XPT-334554)

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Made of Cordura Waterproof Material

    Big space for Cartrigde

    Many Small Pockets (Inside & Outside)

    Inside Steel Frame.

    Bag can Load Heavy Weight.

    Almost all Color are available.

Cartridge Belt + Bag (XPT-8831)

SKU: XPT-8831
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Cartridge Belt with Cordura 600D Bag for More Space for Cartridges/Bullets/Licence or Important things.

Cartridge Belt Made of Nylon.

Bag Made of 600D Cordura Waterproof with Double Zips & 3 Pocktets with Studs. 

Adjustable Strapes for Adjust Sizes.

All Colors & Customs Logo are availble on Product.

Cordura Hip Vest (XPT-334461)

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Hunting Cordura Hip Bag

Use For Multi Purpose.

Cordura Vest (XPT-334460)

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Cordura Vest.

Use for Multi Purpose.

Decoy Net BackPack (XPT-33468)

SKU: XPT-33468
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Decoy Net BackPack Bags with Shoulder Strapes.

Capacity of 60 Decoys.

Sizes: 121 x 127 cm

Net Color Available in Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Army Brown.....Almost all Colors.

Game Bag (XPT-33438)

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Features of the game bag are Nylon straps,Nylon Strapes trim, solid buckles and a 2 inch wide heavy duty shoulder strap.
The interior of the game bag is fully lined and Playboy Material making it waterproof and easy to clean.
Almost All Colors, Sizes & Logo Facility  are availble on Customer Demands.