How We Work


The First Step is to understand what You Want and Why It’s important to you. There can be a Significant Difference in what you want and what you actually need. Depend on the Brand or Products Lifecycle. Understanding is Vital at this Stage of Our working. Only then our Designers will turn your concept into Precise Blueprints & Make sample that we can Fine-tune Together.


At this Stage of Our Working an Archetype is developed. An Archetype Represent the First Complete Sample in its Final form, which is then submitted to the client for their record and Approval. Our Archetype is a result of a Comprehensive Product Development Process during Which a Great Deal of Fine-Tuning Takes Place at Every Stage whether it be design, Fabric, Colours or Construction.

This Sage also Includes the Submission of all the Size samples in all colours for the final Approvals, Prior to Production.


One of the Most Significant Steps During this Stage is to test all new Developments. For the Purpose we use Independent Lab Testing Facilities Meeting international.


Immediately after Archetype Approvals form the Client, we go into Production. Production is a Comprehensive Process that involves Several Vendors for the Different types of Raw Materials and an in-house Production Operations Management (POM) System. Every incoming Batch of Fabric is tested on a Continuous basic, prior to cutting.


This Task is Never Considered Complete until we deliver the Consignment to the Client’s warehouse and a positive Feedback is received.

Our Client’s Feedback is very important to us. It’s a Continuous Process which helps us to improve all the time and be Proactive rather than Reactive.

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